• Location: Xiamen, Fujian, China
    Business Category: Arts, Crafts & Gifts Key Chain
    Contact Person: Mr. Jewelry1000 (+8618659253012)

    Jewelry1000 is a Jewelry wholesale online store carrying top quality boutique sterling silver jewelry, especially sterling silver biker jewelry for men. Jewelry1000 is your wholesale source and direct factory supplier for your sterling silver men’s jewelry needs, including men's silver rings, skull necklaces, men's silver bracelets, pendants, men's cuff bracelets, skull rings, men's chains necklace, earrings and accessories. We are...

  • Location: Bangladesh
    Business Category: Arts, Crafts & Gifts Key Chain
    Contact Person: Mr. Mohammad Miraz Ul Islam (+88001409726225)

    We are making custom promotional acrylic keychain. We can supply 100000 key chain in one month. We have 2 years experience making this keychains. Two type of keychain we are making. Printed and Digital keychain.        

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