Buy Requirement: fish collagen

Buyer From: China
Category: Food & Beverage
Quantity: 400 Tons
Requirement Details

We have distributing gelatin for 16years. 323mt gelatin has been purchased during passed one month(proof could be provided with some contract or BL) Recently, we have purchase plan for these blooms below urgently: Bovine Gelatin, 155mt -260 for gummy candy 200mt-280 for jelly Fish Gelatin, 80mt-220 bloom for capsule use 20mt- 240bloom for candy 40mt-260bloom for jelly 40mt--280 bloom for jelly Expect to get answer : How many tons are in stock for each bloom? --if no stock, how many tons could be dispatched out in Feb and Mar. are you the manufacture? if yes, pls provide proof with some certificates(ISO, production license, etc.) Please try to give an offer (CIF Xiamen Port China)with COA and other details asap. Price must be rock bottom price, since no time left to negotiate with different suppliers. P.S. If you supply lower bloom specification of gelatin , please also quote. almost all specifications are used by our different customers. we also source collagen.

Contact Information
Company Name: Xiame xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Nickw xxxxxxxx
Company Address: xinfe xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +86 180 xxxxxx
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