Hydrogen Peroxide-50%

Hydrogen Peroxide-50%
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As you might know, paper is obtained from trees. However, it is not in the smooth white form that we are accustomed to using.

Paper is made from wood after a rigorous process of bleaching and altering. The bleaching part of the paper production is mostly taken care of by the versatile hydrogen peroxide.

During the process of paper formation, the raw materials from the tree are beaten to a pulp. This pulp is then rearranged and bleached to form the common paper we use.

Hydrogen peroxide is the core-bleaching agent in the mechanical pulping process. Its low molecular weight, low cost-effectiveness, and high bleaching properties make it the best source of bleaching paper industries have.

Moreover, when the paper is recycled, hydrogen peroxide is responsible for the de-inking of the page. Which strips the paper free from any ink and stains to be used again.

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Hydrogen Peroxide-50%

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