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Green Banana Flour

Green Banana Flour
Want to sell : Green Banana Flour
Price: USD 3 / Kilogram
MOQ: 1000 Kilogram
Origin: Malaysia
Category: Food & Beverage
Product Details

Produced from 100% green banana
Colour : creamy-white
Moisture : 8% max.
Size : 80~110 mesh.
Packing : 20kg / PP woven bag with inner PE bag
Green Banana flour was a high starch & a gluten free flour. Uniquely most of its starch was a Resistant Starch (type-2)
Green Banana flour contain high multi-fibre, micronutrients with low in calories & fats unlike most of others gluten-free products which lower in fibres, micronutrients and higher in fat and calories.
With a subtle, earthy flavour, green banana flour works well in both sweet and savoury products. It can be used alone to replace wheat flour or mix/blend with. Its also applicable for wide uses in others food industries including bakery, buscuits, pasta/noodles, paste, condiments also feed meals & gum making industries.  

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Green Banana Flour

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