Safe Shipping to EU for Bulk GW501516 CAS: 317318-70-0

Safe Shipping to EU for Bulk GW501516 CAS: 317318-70-0

USD 20 / Grams
MOQ 10 Grams
Price USD 20 / Grams
HS Code bodybuilding
Category Chemicals Industrial Chemical

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Sarms HG pharm

China Guangdong, China

Year Established: 2000

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  • Manufacturer
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Safe Shipping to EU for Bulk GW501516 CAS: 317318-70-0

Why bodybuilder classified GW 501516 as SARMs ?
When we talk about it , we should know GW 501516 benefits ,then we will know something about GW 501516 and SARMs .

GW 501516 Benefits of Increased Endurance
Bodybuilder knows that the use of GW 501516 has great benefit in increasing endurance , can make the bodybuilder adhere to exercise for a longer time , GW 501516 is more suitable for long-distance running , bicycle , weight lifting and other people who need endurance to use . So why GW 501516 benefit for endurance improvement ?

In the study of GW 501516 , the experimental mice were treated with GW 501516 for 3 consecutive weeks , and the exhausted running distance of the experimental mice was greatly increased . Among them , the running distance of the trained mice increased by 744.4 m ( 31.2 % ) , and the running distance of the untrained mice increased by 750.3 m ( 68.6 % ) .

This test shows that GW 501516 has no relationship with whether the mice have been trained or not in improving the running ability of mice . Mice without training at all can increase the running distance by 68.6 % after using GW 501516 .

How does GW 501516 manage to improve endurance ?
This has to do with the way GW 501516 works .
GW 501516 is a selective agonist of the PPARδ receptor -- which actually explains the relationship between GW 501516 and SARMs . GW 501516 is not belong to SARM ( selective androgen receptor agonists ) .
PPAR is a class of ligand-dependent nuclear transcription factors important for metabolic homeostasis . PPARδ is one of three types of PPARs expressed in adipose tissue , liver , skin , brain and skeletal muscle .
PPARδ regulates many different biological activities such as lipid and lipoprotein metabolism , mitochondrial respiration , skeletal muscle reorganization , thermogenesis , inflammation , keratinization , cell differentiation , and wound healing .

Normal bodybuilding is to promote protein catabolism and gluconeogenesis to provide energy needed for bodybuilding , but GW 501516 , as a selective agonist of PPARδ receptor , regulates lipid and protein metabolism . The energy required for bodybuilding is provided by increasing the specific consumption of fatty acids .

The experiment showed that the supplementation of GW 501516 without bodybuilding significantly increased the level of serum unsaturated fatty acids , especially the level of unsaturated fatty acids . When GW 501516 is supplemented with Bodybuilding , the fatty acid level increases even more .

Therefore , GW 501516 does not directly use the energy intake of the body, but regulates the metabolism of lipids in the body to replenish energy , so that the Bodybuilder will not have the feeling of running out of energy , so that it can maintain the bodybuilding for a long time , and is suitable for participating in endurance related physical activities .

Mitochondria are the power factories of cells . GW 501516 , as a selective agonist of PPARδ receptor , also provides continuous power to Bodybuilder by regulating mitochondrial respiration , so that Bodybuilder can participate in Bodybuilding energetically and persist for a longer time . 

HG Pharm Company - A manufacturer of bodybuilding products with over two decades of industry experience supplyment. Our committed to providing high quality bodybuilding products at competitive prices.

HG Pharm initially focused on the production of steroid and peptide products, which are exported to more than 150 countries around the world. 2015 is a year to start customized SARMs powder like MK677 for customer.Because of this opportunity, we started the research and production of all SARMs.Now we have mastered the various steps of SARMs production, maintain high quality stably and become a best Sarms Manufacturer.

Not only produce popular products such as MK677, LGD-4033, MK2866, S4, GW501516, etc. New products such as LGD-3033 and RAD150 have also been synthesized in the laboratory, which can have dozens of kilograms of output in each batch.

Now, HG Pharm company not only has traditional supplyment like peptide and steroid, but also has a new hot selling SARMS, which can provide you with all kinds of bodybuilding products.We believe whether you are resellers,reproducer or coaches, we could help you gain more customers and greater profits.

Our Advantage:Quality Assurance and Competitive Prices
SARMs quality is the most important thing for HG Pharm. The products go through two important testing processes before sales to customers.

One is the internal laboratory testing during the production process to ensure that the product quality is qualified. The second is that when the internal laboratory test is qualified, we will randomly sample and send the samples to a third-party testing agency for re-testing. Both COA tests meet our quality standards, so that the products can be called qualified products and delivered to customers.

Quality Assurance,let us become a reliable supplier!

HG Pharm,as a manufacturer, we have the advantage of ex-factory price. We are still a manufacturer who loves research and innovation. By continuously improving the production process, reducing the loss in production and improving the success rate of production, we have a more advantageous production cost.

Country of Origin: China
Payment Terms: Bitcoin,Moneygram and Wester Union
Packaging Info: 10G;100G;1KG;customized according to customer's requirement
Delivery Info: 7-12 Days

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Supplier Info :

Sarms HG pharm

Guangdong, China

Year Established: 2000

Business Type:

  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesaler

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  • Safe Shipping to EU for Bulk GW501516 CAS: 317318-70-0
  • Safe Shipping to EU for Bulk GW501516 CAS: 317318-70-0
  • Safe Shipping to EU for Bulk GW501516 CAS: 317318-70-0

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Safe Shipping to EU for Bulk GW501516 CAS: 317318-70-0
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