Buy Requirement: 280 Food Grade Gelatin

Buyer From: China
Category: Food & Beverage
Quantity: 10000 Kilogram
Requirement Details

We have been distributing gelatin for 16years. 2000mt-3000mt a year are always purchased and sold to many customers. almost all bloom could be used by our different customers. Bloom below need to be supplied most urgently. 100mt 280bloom (6.67%10 Degree C) 20mesh highest transparency for food use Edible grade( Cr<2ppm;So2<30ppm,total bacterial<1000cfu/g; E.COLI absent; Samonnena absent etc.)

Expect to get answer : --How many tons could be available in stock now? ---if no stock, how many tons could be dispatched out on Dec and Jan? --are you the manufacture? If yes, could we get proof with some vedios about production facilities or Certificates(production license etc.) ? Please try to give offer (FOB)with COA and other details asap.

Price must be rock bottom price at a time since time left is too less to negotiate with different suppliers.

Contact Information
Company Name: xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Lina xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +861395 xxxxxx
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