Buy Requirement: Aluminum wheel rim scrap

Buyer From: United States
Category: Minerals & Raw Materials
Quantity: 200 Tons

Requirement Details

We are looking to buy Aluminum wheel rim scrap. We're in the United States and need a significant amount, around 200 tons. The material falls under the category of Minerals & Raw Materials.

Purchase Details:
  • Product Name: Aluminum wheel rim scrap
  • Buyer Country: United States
  • Quantity Required: 200 Tons
  • Packing Terms:
Flexible packing terms, open to negotiation.

Additional Information:
We are actively seeking suppliers or exporters who can provide us with Aluminum wheel rim scrap in bulk quantities. If you can meet our requirements, please provide us with a quotation. We are open to discussing the packing terms and any other relevant details.
Contact Information
Company Name: Dongk xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Ada xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +194930 xxxxxx
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