Buy Requirement: Antigen Test Kits and Face Mask

Buyer From: Portugal
Category: Health & Medical
Quantity: 2000000 Boxes
Shipping Terms: FOB
Requirement Details

We are a buyer from Portugal and we are interested in expanding our new business in the field of health and medical products. We are specifically looking for suppliers who can provide the following products:

Antigen Test Kits: We require a large quantity of antigen test kits. These kits are used for the detection of viral antigens and play a crucial role in diagnosing infectious diseases. We need reliable and accurate test kits that meet international standards.

Face Masks: We are also in need of face masks. These masks should be of high quality, comfortable to wear, and offer effective protection against airborne particles. We prefer masks that meet recognized safety standards.

We are open to considering quotations from manufacturers, suppliers, or exporters who can meet our requirements. Please provide detailed information about the products, including specifications, packaging terms, and any certifications or quality assurance measures in place.

Contact Information
Company Name: Bemse xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Anton xxxxxxxx
Company Address: Aveni xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +351920 xxxxxx
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