Buy Requirement: Beverages

Buyer From: Nigeria
Category: Food & Beverage
Quantity: 1100 Tons
Packing Terms: Cantors
Requirement Details

Canned fish

Sardines in vegetable oil
Sardines in vegetable oil with lemon
Sardines in vegetable oil with chili peppers
Sardines in tomato sauce
Sardines with vegetables
Sardines in olive oil
Sardines in spring water
Tuna filets in olive oil
Tuna filets in vegetable oil
Tuna filets in brine
Hake à la cod
Mackerel filets in vegetable oil
Mackerel filets in olive oil

Contact Information
Company Name: Peter xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: PETER xxxxxxxx
Company Address: N0 45 xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +234703 xxxxxx
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