Buy Requirement: Gelatin

Buyer From: China
Category: Food & Beverage
Quantity: 1000 Kilogram
Requirement Details

We have been distributing gelatin for 16years. 2000mt-3000mt a year are always purchased and sold to many customers. almost all bloom could be used by our different customers. Bloom below need to be supplied most urgently.

1、100mt 280bloom (6.67%10 Degree C) 20mesh highest transparency for food use Edible grade( Cr<2ppm;So2<30ppm,total bacterial<1000cfu/g;E.COLI absent; Samonnena absent etc)

2、80mt 150,160,170bloom(6.67%10 Degree C) 8mesh Highest Viscosity(lime treatment) for jelly glue use. --100mt 120,140bloom(6.67%10 Degree C) 8mesh Highest Viscosity(lime treatment) for adhesive use. -100mt 220bloom,240bloom,250bloom (6.67%10 Degree C) 8mesh Highest Viscosity(lime treatment) for paintball use. ----also need lower bloom for other usage (metal refining use etc). Expect to get the answer: --How many tons could be available in stock now? ---if no stock, how many tons could be dispatched out on Jan? --are you the manufacturer? I

If yes, could we get proof with some videos about production facilities or Certificates(production license, etc)?

Please try to give offer (FOB)with COA and other details asap. The price must be rock bottom price at a time since time left is too less to negotiate with different suppliers.

Contact Information
Company Name: xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Lina xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +861395 xxxxxx
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