Buy Requirement: H1 Hypodermic Stainless-Steel Needle (20G x 25mm)

Buyer From: Zambia
Category: Health & Medical
Quantity: 700000 Pieces
Packing Terms: Boxed
Shipping Terms: COD
Requirement Details

Dear Contractor(s) You are invited to submit a quotation to supply the above requirement (See Enclosed RFQ documentation): You are required to hold all information pertaining to this potential mandate confidential and to limit the dissemination of information within your organization only on a need-to-know basis. The procuring entity shall have the rights to reject all quotations, or to call for clarification or samples at the time of evaluating the quotations. A Procuring Entity shall not be bound to accept any quotation, or the lowest cost nor assign any reason for the rejection. The Ministry of Health, adheres to the local supplier's best practices & terms of Purchase of all our member countries & The Ministry of Health, shall not procure or import any items directly from the manufacturer/distributor in accordance with our code of conduct & best practices Unless otherwise stated in the contract, The Procurement Management Unit shall make any payments strictly on Cash on Delivery Basis (C.O.D) on the day of receipt of an original delivery notice and correctly rendered invoice. The suppliers must be addressed to the MOH contact as specified in the Purchase Order which will be provided as the pre contract agreement of purchase until the final contract signing is confirmed upon delivery of the goods/services for the order. The contracting authority shall not be held liable for failure to pay due to the supplier's failure to comply with the invoicing instructions. We believe in good quality at a reasonable price. By no means, shall we be entertaining a compromise in quality or service delivery of the product. We shall be looking forward to a good business relationship with your company.

Contact Information
Company Name: Moh xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Mangw xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +260211 xxxxxx
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  • H1 Hypodermic Stainless-Steel Needle (20G x 25mm)
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