Buy Requirement: Live Abalone

Buyer From: Korea South
Category: Agro & Agriculture
Quantity: 5 Tons
Packing Terms: With air/standard packing
Shipping Terms: CFR
Requirement Details

Our company is a trading company with some seafood from South America, North America, Europe, Africa and so on.

At this moment, We have got request from my customers in Korea to check available fresh abalone from Mexico.  From this moment he would like to check the possibility of adopting in his farm the Mexican abalone.

Although, now, we can not order at big quantity, if the sample is proper from the farm, we will order  at big quantity soon.

1. Product type: Live abalone with air packing

- haliotis fulgens(abulon azul, green abalone)

- haliotis corrugata(abulón amarillo,pink abalone)

- haliotis rufescens(abulón rojo,Red abalone)

- haliotis cracherodii(abulón negro,Black abalone)
2. Type of packaging - Any packing type with air packaging for live
3. Quantity of production in one year - Needs 5MT
4. Average packaged size: I need to know that you are available to ship
5. Export experience: inform me about export capacity if you have a fixed export
6. Harvest season - Peak period, main season
7. Possibility of contract - Per year in this reason, I would like to request you a sample of the live abalone by air.

Contact Information
Company Name: Naju xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Angel xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +820109 xxxxxx
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  • Live Abalone
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