Buy Requirement: Onion and Green Chilli

Buyer From: Pakistan
Category: Agro & Agriculture
Quantity: 5 Tons
Packing Terms: 100 kg per bag
Shipping Terms: CIF
Requirement Details

We want to buy onions and green chillies for our business in Pakistan. We are looking for manufacturers, suppliers, or exporters who can provide us with these products.

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Onion and Green Chilli
  • Quantity: We need 5 tons of each product.
  • Packing Terms: The products should be packed in 100 kg bags.

Shipping Details:
The goods need to be shipped to Pakistan. We will provide the specific shipping details to the supplier after final selection.

Request for Quotation:
If you can supply us with onions and green chillies, send us your quotation. Make sure to include detailed specifications of the products, such as quality, size, and any other relevant information.

Contact Information
Company Name: Sr Gr xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Shoai xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +923097 xxxxxx
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