Buy Requirement: Request for Quotation (RFQ) - Chicken Feet

Buyer From: China
Category: Agro & Agriculture
Quantity: 75 Tons
Packing Terms: 15/20KG per carton BQF
Shipping Terms: CIF Qingdao, China

Requirement Details

We are a buyer from China in the Agro and agriculture sector looking to purchase 75 tons of Chicken Feet. We are interested in sourcing high-quality products for our business and would like to invite manufacturers, suppliers, or exporters to provide us with quotations for the following specifications:

Product Requirement:

  • Product Name: Chicken Feet
  • Quantity: 75 Tons
  • Packing Terms: 15/20KG per carton BQF

Detailed Product Specifications:

  • 100% Fresh and Frozen Chicken Feet
  • Average Weight of each piece: 33-47 grams; 40-60 grams
  • Average Length of Each piece: 14-15 cm; 12-18 cm
  • Washed and clean.
  • Without yellow skin.
  • No feathers.
  • No bad smell.
  • No blood.
  • No bruises.
  • No black pads.
  • No traces of carved deep wounds.
  • No ammonia burns.
  • Broken bones: 2%.
  • Moisture content: 1%.
  • Blasted at: -35°C.
  • Storage at: -18°C

We welcome quotations from reliable and reputable suppliers who can meet our specified requirements. Please provide your best offers, including pricing, delivery terms, and any additional information relevant to the product.

Contact Information
Company Name: Halde xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Jenny xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +861305 xxxxxx
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