Buy Requirement: RFQ - Rubber Process Oil

Buyer From: India
Category: Rubber & Plastic Products
Quantity: 50000 Barrel
Packing Terms: Drum
Shipping Terms: Cnf

Requirement Details

Buy Requirement Details:

  • Product Name: Rubber process oil
  • Buyer Country: India
  • Product or Business Line: Rubber & Plastic Products
  • Quantity: 50,000 Barrels
  • Packing Terms: Drum

Purchase Specifications:

  • Regular requirement of Iran-origin rubber process oil in drum packing.
  • The monthly requirement exceeds 100,000 liters.

Key Points for Suppliers:

  • Reliable suppliers are needed for ongoing supply.
  • Consistent quality and timely delivery are paramount.
  • Competitive pricing is appreciated.
  • Ability to meet bulk orders consistently.
Contact Information
Company Name: Prade xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Prade xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +919780 xxxxxx
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