Buy Requirement: Sardines, Canned Tuna, Frozen Fish

Buyer From: Serbia
Category: Food & Beverage
Quantity: 20 Tons
Requirement Details

We require following products for out business. Product requirement given in details below:

- Buyer Country: Serbia
- Quantity: 20 Tons

- Purchase Specifications:
Product Name: Sardines
Product Type: Canned Tuna
Product Type: Frozen Fish
Quantity: 20 Tons
Packaging: To be discussed

- Purchase Criteria:
High-quality products
Competitive prices
Reliable and prompt delivery
Good packaging to ensure product freshness

- B2B Buying Needs:
We are looking for reputable suppliers and manufacturers of sardines, canned tuna, and frozen fish. We require a bulk quantity of 20 tons to fulfill our demand. Prompt communication and efficient service are important to us.

- B2B Sourcing Requests:
We kindly request suppliers and manufacturers of sardines, canned tuna, and frozen fish to provide us with their quotations and product details. We are interested in establishing long-term business relationships with reliable partners.

- Business-to-Business Sourcing Preferences:
Product quality and freshness are crucial.
Competitive pricing is essential.
Prompt and reliable delivery is highly valued.
Excellent customer service and communication are important.

- B2B Purchasing Priorities:
High-quality sardines, canned tuna, and frozen fish.
Competitive pricing and favorable payment terms.
Timely and efficient delivery of products.
Professional and responsive customer support.

- RFQ (Request for Quotation):
We request all interested suppliers and manufacturers to submit their quotations and detailed information about the sardines, canned tuna, and frozen fish they offer. Please contact us at the earliest convenience.

Contact Information
Company Name: Pe-co xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Attil xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +381+38 xxxxxx
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