Buy Requirement: SS Push Can Bin

Buyer From: Ghana
Category: Office Supplies
Quantity: 5000 Units
Packing Terms: Standard Packing
Shipping Terms: EXW or FOB
Requirement Details

The specific requirements for the SS Push Can Bins are as follows:

They should have a capacity of 80 liters, allowing them to hold a substantial amount of waste. In terms of size, they should measure 14 inches in diameter and 32 inches in height, providing adequate space for garbage disposal.

To fulfill our requirements, we are looking to purchase a total of 5000 units of the SS Push Can Bins. This quantity will ensure that we have an adequate supply to cater to the needs of our office and maintain a clean and organized environment.

To facilitate the procurement process, we request suppliers who have the capability to supply these SS Push Can Bins to contact us promptly. We are interested in knowing more details about the products you can offer, such as the material used, durability, and any additional features or specifications.

We prefer the bins to be packed in standard packing, which ensures safe transportation and delivery of the products to our office in Ghana.

Contact Information
Company Name: Yawma xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Amoak xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +233270 xxxxxx
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