Buy Requirement: Sustainable Agriculture Standards (SAS) Certified Soybean

Buyer From: India
Category: Agro & Agriculture
Quantity: 600 Kilogram
Packing Terms: Eco friendly
Shipping Terms: Easy
Requirement Details

We are looking to purchase Sustainable Agriculture Standards (SAS) certified soybean for our company.

We need 600 kilograms of soybean that meets the SAS certification standards. The soybean should be eco-friendly and packed accordingly.

Reasons behind our SAS certified product requirement as follows:

1. Acceptability: No restriction from export community or any government council from a trade standpoint.
SAS certified product can be accepted by other private players like GOTS.
2. Multi Functional: Products can be certified for multiple qualified labels.
One project can qualify for more than one labels.
3. Easy Adoption: It is easy to adopt.
4. Traceability at each stage of product.
5 Sustainable supply chain management.
6. Quality assurance.

If you are a manufacturer, supplier, or exporter who can provide SAS certified soybean, please send us your quotation or RFQ (Request for Quotation) based on our requirements.

Contact Information
Company Name: Gtp I xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Mukes xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +918130 xxxxxx
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