Buy Requirement: Buy Requirement for Zinc Oxide

Buyer From: Bangladesh
Category: Chemicals
Quantity: 24 Tons

Requirement Details

We are a buyer based in Bangladesh looking for a reliable manufacturer or supplier for Zinc Oxide, a crucial component for glaze preparation in the ceramics industry. Our purchase specifications include a quantity of 24 tons. The packaging terms are open for discussion.

Purchase Criteria:
We seek high-quality Zinc Oxide that meets industry standards for ceramic applications. The product should exhibit excellent properties for glaze preparation, ensuring optimal results in the ceramics manufacturing process.

B2B Sourcing Requests:
As a buyer from Bangladesh, we invite manufacturers and suppliers to provide competitive quotations for Zinc Oxide. Transparency and adherence to specifications are key factors in our sourcing requests.
Contact Information
Company Name: Chemi xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: SHAFA xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +880161 xxxxxx
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