Tamil Nadu, India

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Our company has handicraft raw materials for sale. 01. 22GAUGE (0.70MM) Craft Aluminium Wire. 02. 18 GAUGE (1MM) Craft Aluminium Wire. 03. 12 GAUGE (2MM) Craft Aluminium Wire. 04. Eye Pins Craft Jewelery Making Raw Materials Colors ( Silver and Gold) 05. Holy Rosary. 06. Beads. 07. Natural Coair Cool Yoga Mat. 08. Fitness Exercise Rubber Tube. 09. Craft and Rosary Jewellery Making Chain.

10. Drinking Water Bottle. 11. Rosary raw material cross and centre. 12. Craft Paper. 13. A4 Paper. 14. All type of Stationery Items. 15. Types of spices used at home on a daily basis. 16. Daily home-grown vegetables. 17. Bicycle. 18. The male condom to have sex with pleasure and erection for a long time. All of these are for sale to us. We look forward to welcoming you to my top orders.

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Register Date : 05 Jun 2021
Basic Information
Company Name : Ksanabi
Business Type :
  • Exporter
  • Wholesaler
Phone : +91 9786754608
Zip Code: 620007
Register Address: 117 VASANTHA NAGAR, AIRPORT
Main Product: Craft Material
Factory Information
Name : Ksanabi
Address : 117 Vasantha Nagar, Airport, Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu,India , pin 620007 , Email : pichavendaam@gmail.com
Contact Person : S . Kirubhakaran
Contact Number : +91 97867 54608
Factory Details : 01. Craft Row Matriyal Item for ( 22 Gauge (0.71mm) Aluminium wire, 18 Gauge (1mm) Aluminium Wire, Beads, Rosary, Craft Making Chain, Yoga Mat, fitness exercise rubber tube, Jewellery Making and Rosary Making Raw Matriyal Eye Pins Gold and Silver, Kraft Paper, A4 Smart Copy Paper, Kraft Paper Bag, Rice, All vegetables, All Spice Masala, Shopping Bags, Dringing Plastic Water Bottles, All Type Carton Box (Needed to Order size), Pharmacy Box, Makeup Boxes, School and College Bags, Lunch Bags, Mesh Bags, Hand Bags, Packaging Bag, All Type of Mats, Laundry Bags, Milk Healthy Foods Horlicks , Bournvita, Complan, Plastic products used in everyday home.