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Lead Consulting Limited
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70, Pioneer Road, Kakrail, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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LEAD Consulting Limited, a sustainable development consultancy company and a leader in Green Building Consultancy in Bangladesh to provide full range of consultancy services. We have project experience 20+ company with 50+ projects that includes Youth Group, MB Group, Alpha Group, Patriot Group, Amtranet Group, DBL Group, Mega Fashion Ltd, HAMS Group, Arunima Group, Design and Source Ltd, East West Industrial Park, Aman Group, Amanat Shah Group, Finesse Group, Green Life Group, Cute Group, Apparel Industry Ltd, Asian Group, BASE Technologies Ltd, BIFFL, Convince Group, Deva Fashion Limited, Sun Fashion Limited, Pinaki Group etc.
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Key Services

Our green building consulting and certification facilitation services will support you both technically and administratively towards high performance green building standard to comply with environmental certification requirements.​

· Feasibility Studies

· Certification Consulting

· Certification Facilitation

· Energy Modeling

· Water Budget Calculations

· Daylight Simulations

· Thermal Comfort Analysis

· Carbon footprint calculations

· Energy Audit

· Green Interior

LEED Certification

Our areas of expertise include:

Sustainable master planning
Green Charettes and design workshops
Building Energy efficiency studies including whole building energy simulations, day lighting analysis, sun path and shading analysis, radiation analysis, fenestration analysis, passive design strategies review, MEP design peer review and analysis, renewable energy studies among others
Policies & Plans Development & Implementation for existing building certification programs
Green materials and product analysis including consultancy and support for creating EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations), LCA (Life cycle assessment) analysis, for various products and calculations of GHG (Greenhouse gases) emissions footprint for products
Green Training & education
Preparing Green Building Certification Documentation
Pre-certification documentation and Management whenever applicable
Ongoing coordination with project team members
LEED Online Management
Project Submission & answering clarifications and coordination until award of final LEED Certification.
Recertification – for projects under LEED EB O&M certification within 5 years of its original LEED certification
Green Building Feasibility Study:

You want to go green but have already started your design process. You are not sure if at this stage whether you can still pursue a green certification. In such cases, we can do a quick feasibility study/gap analysis to assess the building(s) likelihood of certification, and the necessary steps to get there in the most effective and timely manner. The same can be done for existing buildings which want to pursue a green certification as well.

The gap analysis generally focuses on the following areas:

Minimum Program Requirements attainment
Prerequisite Performance & changes that may have to be done to meet mandatory requirements
Minimum Energy and Water Efficiency performance and further improvements that can be made to enhance performance
Credit-by-Credit Review for any green building rating including LEED, GRIHA.
Opportunity for improvement
The analysis will also provide preliminary budget estimates for each level of certification which becomes a decision making tool for the project goals and strategy in the pursuit of building certification.

We have experience working with green projects since 2016 and have to our credit more than 25+ projects in Bangladesh and another 500+ green projects globally.

Energy modeling and building simulation

Whole building energy modeling and simulations are a very important part of any high performance building design and is a very useful tool to help projects arrive at the optimum specifications and design that is cost-effective and still helps achieve the desired energy saving goals. Our in-house teams of energy experts and analysts help projects analyze their designs, review HVAC design approaches and configurations, evaluate energy efficiency strategies and set performance targets for projects to achieve within specific budgets.

Specifically our services include:

Whole building energy simulation including fenestration analysis, wall and roof assembly optimization, HVAC, lighting and other systems analysis
Review of passive design techniques and their feasibility for buildings
Sun path analysis, shading analysis, radiation analysis
Day lighting simulations and views analysis
Peer review of HVAC and Electrical designs to ascertain optimum sizing and configurations for maximum energy efficiency
Renewable energy studies for on-site and off-site solar, geothermal, wind, biomass and cogeneration systems etc.

Building Commissioning:

Building commissioning (Cx) is an all-inclusive process of systematic quality assurance that verifies building systems to be designed, installed, tested, and capable of being operated and maintained to perform interactively according to the design intent and the owner’s operational needs.

We have tremendous expertise in the building commissioning activities and have been performing these activities for several years in line with international guidelines and requirements.

Our services and expertise for commissioning include:

Design Phase

Develop the owner’s project requirements.
Verify the initial design intent document from information contained in Design Consultant’s building programming document.
Prepare a design-phase Commissioning Plan
Review the schematic design documents for the HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other systems as applicable
Prepare the construction-phase Commissioning Plan required as part of the commissioning specification.
Review the final plans and specifications with respect to their completeness in all areas relating to the Commissioning process.
Develop a measurement & verification plan keeping in mind project goals
Review contract specifications for various tender packages
Construction Phase

Execute the Commissioning process through proper coordination, tests, demonstrations, training events, and performance verifications as required
Review the complete commissioning process with MEP contractors
Establish tentative schedules for various systems commissioning; O&M submittals; training sessions; system flushing and testing; job completion; Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) work; and functional performance testing.
Receive and review the operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals submitted by contractors
Check installation for adequate accessibility for maintenance and component replacement or repair.
Witness equipment, subsystem, and system start-up and testing and all TAB work supervise the commissioning team members in the functional performance tests.
Review record drawings for accuracy with respect to the installed systems. Request revisions, as and when necessary, to achieve accuracy.

Coordinate the various system contractors and conduct system training and inspection. Perform training for all facility operators and maintenance personnel on various aspects of O&M to ensure that the building systems perform as per requirements

Final Documentation

Ensure that O&M manuals and all other records have been updated.
Conduct a selective review of contractor submittals of commissioned equipment.
Prepare the Systems Manual.
Repeat functional performance tests to accommodate seasonal tests and/or correct any performance deficiencies. Revise and resubmit the Commissioning Report.
Prepare the final Commissioning Report.
Develop a re-commissioning management manual.
Recommend acceptance of the commissioned systems to the Project Manager.
Post Occupancy Phase

Complete the outstanding issues pertaining to commissioning.
Monitor the building energy & water performance post occupancy for the period of 12 months.
Conduct & verify periodic performance evaluations of facility systems and assemblies
Complete enhanced commissioning report for the project
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Green Building Consultancy