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Shenzhen DaG Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. is a industiral machine manufacturer and supplier, we are in the industry of Laser marking machines, Laser welding machine, Laser cutting machine, Laser cleaning machine. Meanwhile, we provide OEM and ODM service. We are not only having the sales department but also have the quality and R&D department, in order to ensure we have competitive products in the market.

By far,our machines have seen sold to all round the world , Nowadays, more and more factories and distributors choose us, because they realized good reliable quality with reasonable prices is the basic of long-term business.Our goal is provide better services and better products for our customers, in order to satisfy more and more factories production demands and requirements.

Laser cutting machine/Marking machine/ Welding machine/Powder coating machine/ Press brake machine.

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Company Name : Shenzhen Dag Technology Industrial Co. Ltd.
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Main Product: fiber laser marking machine