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Ta & Pa Engineering Products Ltd is the leading manufacturer of effective and humane bird control products. Our quality products are designed to solve the toughest pest bird invasion and serve within the shortest span of time in any part of the world. We are the most respected and trusted company in the bird control industry who produce as per buyer specification and logo and design.

Ta&Pa Engineering Products Ltd equipped with 15000 square foot manufacturing and executive facilities are located Mongla export processing zone in Bangladesh. This is where the Italian machines turn high-grade stainless steel wire and strip into the best bird landing control system in the world. In-house engineering and machining departments give manufacturing flexibility that no other bird control company can match. Our triple check quality control system guarantees that each strip of sets the highest quality standards in the industry. Our promise to our customers is to make the best bird control even better, raise the standards for quality even higher, and keep the name of synonymous with bird control excellence.

Ta&Pa Engineering has developed bird control spike models with strong Italian product development team. Almost at once, people could see the endless possibilities that these stainless-steel bird barriers presented. Ta&Pa set the industry standards for product quality, superior design and customer service. These high standards and proven product effectiveness have captured the attention and loyalty of customers from all parts of the globe. When they need a bird control that works, they know they can depend on Ta&Pa superior products, unmatched experience and unparalleled commitment to service.

Size of stainless steel base
Size of the polycarbonate base
Quality of stainless steel
Quality of polycarbonate base
Choosing hardness of stainless steel base (Either hard or flexible)
Choosing hardness of polycarbonate base (Either hard or flexible)
Size of spikes (From 8 cm to 12 cm long)
Opening of the spikes (6 cm to 15 cm wide)

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Company Name : Ta & Pa Engineering Products Ltd
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Main Product: Bird Spikes, Anti Bird Control, Pest Control, Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel base

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