Talha Associates

Punjab, Pakistan

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Business Type :
  • Exporter
  • Trading
Founded in : 2008
Employees : 11-50
Member Since : 18 Nov 2023
Membership Status : Free Member
Business Category : Agro & Agriculture

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Company Name:
Talha Associates
Business Type:
  • Exporter
  • Trading
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Talha Associates, Harbanspura Road Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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After Sell Services & Supports :
yes we regularly keep in touch with our esteemed buyers
Quality Control Policy :
Quality Objectives:
Define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) quality objectives that align with the organization's overall goals.

Clearly outline the responsibilities of individuals or departments involved in quality control, including management, quality assurance teams, and production teams.

Quality Standards:
Specify the quality standards or specifications that products or services must meet. This can include industry standards, regulatory requirements, and internal quality benchmarks.

Process Control:
Detail the processes and procedures for controlling and monitoring each stage of production or service delivery to ensure consistency and conformity to quality standards.

Inspection and Testing:
Define the methods and frequency of inspections and testing to be carried out during and after production. This may involve both in-process and final product inspections.

Establish guidelines for documenting quality-related information, including specifications, procedures, inspection records, and corrective actions.

Outline the training requirements for employees involved in production, quality control, and other relevant areas. Ensure that employees are adequately trained to perform their tasks in accordance with quality standards.

Continuous Improvement:
Emphasize the organization's commitment to continuous improvement. Encourage employees to identify opportunities for improvement and implement corrective and preventive actions.

Supplier Quality:
Address the quality requirements for materials and components supplied by external vendors. Establish criteria for evaluating and approving suppliers.

Non-Conformance Handling:
Describe the procedures for handling non-conforming products or services, including the identification, documentation, and corrective actions to be taken.

Define how information related to quality is communicated within the organization. This includes reporting procedures, feedback mechanisms, and communication channels.

Monitoring and Measurement:
Specify the methods for monitoring and measuring key performance indicators related to quality. This can include customer satisfaction surveys, defect rates, and other relevant metrics.
Main Products:
Rice, Garments, hotels and hospital Linen

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