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Guangdong Sheng, China

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  • Manufacturer
Founded in : 2018
Employees : 11-50
Member Since : 24 Nov 2023
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Business Category : Electronics & Electrical

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Tecksay Technology Co. Ltd
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  • Manufacturer
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Bao'an District
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Quality Control Policy :
Incoming components
All incoming Bluetooth modules and beacon components must undergo inspection to ensure they meet specified requirements and standards. Components will be checked for:

Correct part numbers and product labels
No signs of physical damage
Specified dimensions and tolerances
Functionality testing
Any defects or deviations found will be logged and problematic shipments returned to the supplier.

Production Testing
Each produced Bluetooth beacon/module unit must pass standardized functionality and performance tests before packaging, including:

Power-on self test
Transmission range measurement
Battery voltage testing
Advertisement packet verification
Software/firmware integrity checks
Durability stress tests
Temperature stability analysis
Testing data will be recorded for analysis and product traceability purposes.

Sampling Quality Control
Sample testing of 1% or a minimum of 10 units from each production batch will be conducted. The sample units will undergo comprehensive inspection and testing procedures checking for criteria such as:

Construction quality
Product consistency
Transmission reliability
Detection accuracy
Regulatory compliance
Non-conforming samples indicate a batch defect requiring root cause investigation.

All Bluetooth modules/beacons will have serial numbers allowing tracing back through the production and testing process to the original components and quality control records.

Document Control
Quality inspection instructions, test records, and traceability data are maintained following stringent document control procedures.

Our commitment to quality begins with supplier selection and continues through all aspects of production and post-production testing to provide fully compliant and reliable Bluetooth products.
Main Products:
Bluetooth Beacon, Bluetooth Tag, BLE Tag, Bluetooth module