Wubben Mechatronica Holdings Bv

Land Bayern, Germany

Company Description
Wubben mechatronica Holdings BV is one of the leading medical products suppliers and workplace safety products suppliers in The Kingdom of Netherlands. Specialized in offering Medical supplies products to meet customers needs various different optional, such as face masks, safety eyewear, surgical gowns, thermometers, hospital gloves, hand sanitizers and etc.
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Business Type:
  • Wholesaler
  • Exporter
Membership: 303 Days
Membership Status : Free Member
Register Date : 25 Sep 2020
Basic Information
Company Name : Wubben Mechatronica Holdings Bv
Business Type :
  • Wholesaler
  • Exporter
Phone : +49 0031687751855
Zip Code: 2661
Register Address: Warmoeziersweg 17, EH Bergschenhoek, Netherlands
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