Zepto Clean

Gazipur, Bangladesh

Company Description

Our Journey so far has only been for a year and a half. Zepto Established in early 2017, one of the first initiatives we took to make this project a reality was to setup a laboratory which specialized in studying microbiological phenomenon. Over time we gained expertise in identifying common bacteria and viruses which are common in Bangladeshi household and office surfaces.

As a result we have been able to develop chemicals which are optimized to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses in and around your home. Our Main Products are Zepto multisurface cleaner, Zepto Glass Cleaner, Zepto Kitchen cleaner, Zepto Floor Cleaner, Zepto Fabric Freshner, Zepto Floor Cleaner

By June 2018 we were able to setup a 5000 liter per day manufacturing capacity facility to carefully produce these chemicals for you and your family. Our facilities are state of the art and carefully maintained to ensure low levels of natural toxins, superior product quality and our environmental responsibility.

Zepto itself might be relatively young, but our project has been graciously backed by HMBR Tools and Chemicals Ltd and Fixit HMBR Ltd. Our picture perfect Laboratory and Chemical manufacturing facilities would not be possible without the support of the countless individuals who played a crucial part in making this dream into a reality.

HMBR was founded in 1984 by Md. Hasan Azad and since then have changed the Hand tools & Furniture Fittings industry in Bangladesh; business models and products which are being followed by the likes of RFL and countless other Bangladeshi conglomerates. HMBR also owns Gulshan Chemical Company which has introduced chemical products such as Korean Putty, Damp Crush & Draino which are still being distributed around Bangladeshi markets today.

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