Zhejiang Baile Pump Line Co. Ltd

Zhejiang Sheng, China

Company Description

Zhejiang Baile Pump Line Co., Ltd. (Baile Pump) is a leading manufacturer of solar water pump systems. We offer complete solar powered water pumping solutions and products including solar water pumps, solar charge controllers, Solar Aerator, Solar Panel and more. We devote ourselves to offering clean and cost-friendly solar water pumping systems for customers around the world in residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal applications.

Baile Pump was founded in 1998, and has a headquarter in Taizhou, a sales office in Shanghai and a manufacturing factory in Jiujiang. Our manufacturing factory is equipped with five auto-cutting machines, twelve CNC machines, two pump assembly lines, a pump test center and a solar power test platform. We have built a complete quality control system from raw materials purchase, manufacturing process control to finished products quality inspection.

In addition to stock solar water pumping products, we can also provide customized solar water pumps to fit customer’s specific requirements. We offer high-quality consulting service, technical guidance, after-sales service, etc. to solve your problems when using our water pumps.

Focused on the development, manufacturing and sales of solar water pumps and related products for about 10 years, Baile Pump never stops improving the performance of solar water pumps as well as reducing cost, which helps our customers domestic and abroad to enhance their competitiveness and expand market shares.
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Register Date : 15 Jun 2021
Basic Information
Company Name : Zhejiang Baile Pump Line Co. Ltd
Business Type :
  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesaler
Phone : +86 13621712998
Zip Code: 317525
Register Address: Dayangcheng Industrial Areas, Daxi Town
Main Product: solar well pump, solar borehole pump, solar surface pump, solar pool pump, solar self-priming pump, solar centrifugal pump
Factory Information
Name : Zhejiang Baile Pump Line Co., Ltd
Address : Dayangcheng Industrial Areas, Daxi Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province
Contact Person : Sharon
Contact Number : 0086 13621712998
Factory Details : 1.CNC machining center 12 CNC machining centers are employed to process solar water pumping system components, like stainless steel pump bodies, stainless steel pump fittings, motor stators and rotors. 2.Auto cutting machine for stainless steel pipes 5 automatic stainless steel pipe cutting machines are used to precisely manufacture pump bodies for stainless steel solar submersible well pumps. 3.Solar water pump paint spraying line Automatic solar water pump paint spraying line improves the painting quality and consistency, decreases labor cost and reduces environmental pollution. 4.Solar water pump assembly line Solar water pump auto assembly line integrating assembly, inspection and packaging, greatly enhances assembly efficiency, reduces assembly errors, eliminates product handling damage, improves the water pump quality and stability, and increases volume production efficiency. Baile Pump is capable of manufacturing 200 thousand solar water pumps every year. 5.Quality Assurance Baile Pump consistently adheres to ISO9001 and ISO14001 Standards and Lean Manufacturing in every production process of solar water pump: from raw materials purchasing (stainless steel pipes, bearings, paint spraying equipment, etc.), different machining procedures (auto stainless steel pipe cutting, CNC machining, auto pump motor winding, etc.) to product assembly, testing, packaging and delivery. Strict quality standards are carried out to assure the quality satisfaction of each water pump exceeds 98%.