Buy Requirement - Chicken Paw

Buyer From India

Product Category: Food & Beverage
Shipping Terms: Dlc Non transferable

Requirement Details

We have purchase requirements for Chicken Paw from manufacturers, suppliers, or exporters.

  • Product Name: Chicken Paw
  • Buyer From: India
We invite quotations for the following requirements:

Product Details:
  • Product: Frozen Chicken Paws, Grade A
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Quality: Export Standard (Annex A)
  • Quantity: 1st Delivery - 10 Containers, 2nd Delivery - 50 Containers, 3rd Delivery - 100 Containers (for 12 months)
Terms and Conditions:
  • Contract Duration: 14 months
  • Delivery: CIF Main Port China
  • Payment: DLC Transferable and Divisible (MT700)
  • Performance Bond: 2% of the DLC amount
  • Target Price: 3,000 USD/MT/CIF
  • Packing: As per Annex A
  • Buyer sends a Letter of Intent (LOI).
  • Seller sends Full Corporate Offer (FCO) along with GACC and SIF documents, and buyer returns them signed.
  • Buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) along with Passport and KYC/CIS.
  • Seller sends draft contract/SPA, NCND+IMPFA.
  • Both parties sign and seal the SPA.
After signing the contract, the buyer's bank sends Proof of Funds (MT 799) to the seller's bank, and the seller's bank sends Proof of Product along with an allocation letter from its producer.
Buyer sends the DLC draft from their bank to the seller for approval.

Additional Requirement:
  • 2nd Buyer Trail: 26 Metric Tons
  • Monthly Continuation: Minimum 20 Containers x 12 Months CIF China

Buyer Information

Buyer From: India
Company Name: Sarka xxxxxxxx
Contact Person: Anup xxxxxxxx
Contact No: +918250 xxxxxx

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