Taper Roller Bearing

Taper Roller Bearing

Place Of Origin China
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Category Rubber & Plastic Products Plastic Raw Materials

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Taper Roller Bearing

Applications: \n\n1) guide box in bar and rod mills\n\n2) pump and compressors\n\n3) cranes and hoists\n\n4) gears and drives\n\n5) stamping presses\n\n6) bow thrusts on ships\n\n7) speed reducers\n\n8) transmissions\n\n9) conveyor and transfer equipment\n\n10) automotive front and rear axles\n\n11) motorcycle wheels\n\n12) pinion shafts of differential gears\n\n13) drum shafts\n\n14) crankshafts\n\n15) crushers and more.
Country of Origin: China

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Taper Roller Bearing
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