Eps & Epe Foam (cloth) Sheet Extrusion Line

Eps & Epe Foam (cloth) Sheet Extrusion Line

Place Of Origin China
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Category Rubber & Plastic Products Plastic Raw Materials

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Eps & Epe Foam (cloth) Sheet Extrusion Line

Two sets of extruder with screw specially designed to cause the resin to completely and uniformly melt prior for extrusion. \n\n2. the ratio of expanding and foaming agent flow can be quickly and easily adjusted for desired density of foam sheet. \n\n3. the extrusion circular die is provided with both heating and cooling arrangements to facilitate start-up, and to supply rapid adjustment of product's quality. the die is also designed for maintaining stability under high pressure and temperature. \n\n4. the take-up winder is equipped with an individual torque motor drive to obtain fine and wrinkle free products. \n\n5. easy to operate, needing only 2 to 3 workers for eps sheet making equipment.
Country of Origin: China

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Eps & Epe Foam (cloth) Sheet Extrusion Line
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