Plast-o-plast Forming Machine

Plast-o-plast Forming Machine

Place Of Origin India
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Category Rubber & Plastic Products Plastic Raw Materials

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Labh Group Of Companies

India India

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Plast-o-plast Forming Machine

Plast-o-plast forming machine to form hard boiled candy in different shape and size from the rope formed by rope sizer.\n\nspecifications capacity: up to 1000 kg per 8 hour shift, power load: 2 hp, dimension (lxwxh): 1000 x 1100 x 1100 mm.\n\nfeatures: \n\n1. high quality seamless sweet forming\n\n2. easy to operate and maintain\n\n3. scrap separation system.
Country of Origin: India

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Plast-o-plast Forming Machine
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