3-litre Pedal Bin with Antibacterial Coating

USD 16 / Units
MOQ 1 Units
Price USD 16 / Units
HS Code F610AG
Category Furniture & Decor Metal Furniture
+48 885886946

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Slaskie, Poland

Established: 1978

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  • Manufacturer

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Product information

The 3-litre pedal bin is made of powder-coated steel, so it comes with a 2-year warranty. This material makes the pedal bin with antibacterial coating highly resistant to damage and wear over time. An active substance added to the powder paint and plastic elements effectively destroys harmful microbes that may accumulate on the antibacterial pedal bin.

In addition, its special surface makes the 3-litre pedal bin more hygienic for use, for example in a children's room or in a hotel or public bathroom. Therefore, the 3-litre pedal bin is especially recommended as a bathroom or a bin for a room, especially for smaller ones. The waste bin diameter is 17 cm. / Its height is 26 cm.

Product Specification

Model Number : F610AG

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