Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller

Place Of Origin China
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Rubber Roller

1)\tsupply kinds of textile machines, such as: draw frame, card machine, roving machine & spinning machine, blowing machine, etc.\n2)\trubber cots for kinds of draw frame, such as rieter rsb d30/d35/d401, fa306a (shenyang hongda, china), fa316b(qingdaoyunlong, china), fa318a(qingdaoyunlong, china) etc.\n3)\ttop roller bearing sleeves made in china: switzerland rieter rsb d30/d35/d401 etc, german trutzschler hsr1000/td03 etc, draw frame fa306a, fa311f, fa315, fa316, fa317, fa318a etc.\n4)\tbottom cleaning leather ring for draw frame.\n5)\tkinds of trumpet mouth for draw frame.\n6)\thigh quality pure wool, without tie-in ring cleaning cloth for draw frame & roving machines.\n7)\tspare parts for auto windering machine. e.g.: muratec winder 21c, 7-â…¡ etc, savio & schlafhorst 238, 338 windering machines etc.\n8)\tgkd-3no photoelectricity breakers for draw frame.\n9)\tkinds of top roller bearings used in roving machines.\n10)\ttypes of bottom roller bearings in draw frame, roving machine, or spinning machine. rubber cots & leather rings of spinning machine.\n11)\tspare parts in favor of draw frame & card machine. \na.: draw frame: fa318a, fa316b, fa302, fa306a, fa311f, fa313, fa320 & dx500(made in japan), rieter series, all kinds of spare parts of draw frame are made in china.\nb.: card machine: a186 series, fa201b, fa231, etc.(made in china)\n12) conveyor belt for rieter c51/c60 card machine.\n
Country of Origin: China

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Rubber Roller
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