Fs-353 Wrinkle Pen

Fs-353 Wrinkle Pen

Place Of Origin China
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Category Office Supplies Binding & Laminating Machine

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Fs-353 Wrinkle Pen

Application: this wrinkle pen has been used all over the body and fine tuned it. also is an easy-to-electronic stimulator which applies microcurrents of electrical energy into the muscles. to work out the eyes and lips takes only minutes for a younger looking, more rejuvenated look.\n\n\nmodel: fs-353\noutput channel: single\npower supply: dc 3v\noutput voltage:\n0 ~ 100vpp (no load)\n0 ~ 40vpp (load:1k ohms)\nfrequency: 70 hz\npulse width: 50 us\nconstraction time: 4 sec.\nrelaxation time: 2 sec.
Country of Origin: China

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Fs-353 Wrinkle Pen
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