Diospyros Kaki L.f. Extract\t\t

Diospyros Kaki L.f. Extract\t\t

Place Of Origin China
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Category Rubber & Plastic Products Plastic Raw Materials

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Diospyros Kaki L.f. Extract\t\t

Diospyros kaki l.f. extract\noriginal plant:diospyros kaki l.f.\nproduct characteristics:brown-yellow powder\nproduct specifications:10:1 ,50:1,100:1 (kaempferol¡Ý 2.5%,hplc), 200:1 (ethyl acetate extract¡Ý 80%, weight method)\nfunction:\npharmacological effect of instructions: persimmon containing glycosides, organic acids and other active ingredients. persimmon leaf extract can effectively improve cardiovascular function, increase coronary blood flow. functions similar with ginkgo biloba extract. effect: heat; lungs; fluid; detoxification.
Country of Origin: China

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Diospyros Kaki L.f. Extract\t\t
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