Secure your merchandise with the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler

Secure your merchandise with the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler

USD 2 / Packets
Place Of Origin China
MOQ 1000 Packets
Price USD 2 / Packets
HS Code YOMO-094
Category Security & Protection Access Control System & Products

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China Guangdong, China

Year Established: 1997

Business Type:

  • Exporter
  • Manufacturer

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Secure your merchandise with the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler

The Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler is a reliable and innovative security solution designed to protect your valuable merchandise. With its sleek design and advanced features, this product ensures the safety of your products in various environments, including exhibitions, supermarkets, and shops.

Crafted by YOMO SECURITY DISPLAY CO.,LTD, a trusted exporter and manufacturer, this anti-theft pull box is made with high-quality materials. The ABS plastic shell houses a retractable spring and a stainless steel cable reel, guaranteeing durability and strength. The box is available in black or white, allowing you to choose the one that suits your display needs.

The cable length of the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler is adjustable, ranging from 25cm to 100cm, providing flexibility for different display setups. Additionally, the cable diameter is 0.9mm, ensuring a secure connection without compromising the aesthetics of your merchandise.

This anti-theft recoiler is compatible with a variety of products, including mobile phones, cameras, mp3/mp4 players, PDAs, GPS devices, glasses, toys, and crafts. It allows customers to handle and try out the products freely, while the retractable cable prevents theft and unauthorized removal.

With its various ending parts and customizable pull force, the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler offers versatility and adaptability. You can choose from options such as an adjustable lasso loop with a small lock and Allen key, a circular sticky flexible ABS plate, a fixed loop end, a rectangular adhesive ABS plate, or an adjustable stainless steel wire loop coated with silicone hose.

Ordering the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler is convenient, as YOMO offers a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces. The supply ability is 50,000 pieces per week, ensuring timely delivery for urgent orders. The product is carefully packaged in OPP bags and polybags, guaranteeing safe transportation.

1) These are retractable device with sticker or toggle connecting the samples which effectively prevent showing products from being stolen in exhibition, supermarket and shops,
2) The cable inside the pull box kindly allows customers to take the sample on hands and try it freely
3) Mainly designed for secure displays of live merchandises such as mobile phones, cameras, mp3/mp4, PDA, GPS,glasses,toys,crafts and so on
4) With different ending parts and different pull force for your opitions

Item size: 50*33mm Thickness:16mm
Material:ABS shell+Stainless steel rope+With 3M EVA sticker or screw lock+ending part+small spanner
Steel cord diameter: 0.9mm
Pull length:60cm-100cm (standard:90cm)
Available colors:white,black and so on

Minimum Order Quantity:500PCS
Delivery mode:by sea or by air
Delivery lead time:3days
Packing:1pc/pp bag,50pcs/polybag,500pcs/ctn,carton size:50*35*19cm

1. Fix the Pull Box at the back of storage rack or exhibition stand by double side glue;
2. Pull out the retractable steel rope in the Pull Box to connect with the showing products by double side glue or toggle;
3. Ensure that the product can be fixed on the exhibition rack;
4. Setting over.

Cable end details:
Adjustable Lasso Loop with Small Lock and Allen Key,Φ38mm Circular Sticky Flexible ABS Plate,Size Customized Fixed Loop End,25X15mm Rectangular Adhesive ABS Plate,Adjustable Stainless Steel Wire Loop Coated Silicone Hose,Φ38mm Circular Adhesive Plastic Plate

How to disassemble the 3M tape after display?
Use a card or buy a special tool from us, then wipe with clean rag Soaked with 75% alcohol.

YOMO-094 Packaging Detail:
Packing:1pc/pp bag,50pcs/polybag,500pcs/ctn,carton size:50*35*19cm, carton weight:13.50kgs

Each goods will be packed with opp bag, and then packed by 5 ply export carton. With strong enough cartons, tape used to bind the cartons, all cartons filled with packaging without empty space to ensure the cartons arrives customers without any goods lose.

If you don't know which is the right anti-theft pull box for you, Could you please let YOMO know the details as following? then we will recommend the right porduct to you within 24 hours.

1 Your installation space
This determines what Anti Theft Pull Box series can be installed.
(our Smallest box size is 25*25*8.3MM, the Biggest box size is 63.4*63.4*17.5MM)
2 Cable length this mean what is the length you need the cable can be pulled out. (5 - 400CM for options)

Operating environment
This determines which ends can connect your product, because our Anti Theft Pull Box can work with dozens of ends used to connect products to different uses. if you can send some pictures of your product, that would be great and helpful to recommend the right Anti Theft Pull Box for you.
4 Cable Diameter 0.45 -2.0MM for options
5 Cable Color Black/ Transparent nylon cover the stainless steel cable
6 Available Retracting forces 0.1LB - 3LB for options
7 Box Color White, Black, Grey, or Customize
8 Box Shape Round, Square, Cuboid, D-shaped, Drop-shaped, or Heart-shaped options.
9 additional function alarming function, stop function

Shipping Detail:
1. Cheapest freight cost is by sea to your nearest port (about 25 working days)
2. Cheaper freight cost is by air to your nearest airport (about 3-7 working days) or EMS
3. Convenient for customers but need to pay higher freight costs by express economy service (DHL, UPS,FedEx, TNT) to your door (about 4-7 working days)
4. The best Convenient and Efficient for the customer but need to pay the highest freight cost by express via priority service (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT) to your door (about 1-5 working days), When your order shipping out, we will provide you a tracking no. then you can know clearly the status of the goods.

Our Services
With 10 years of experience in product sales and R & D, 16 hours online waiting for any customers every day even on weekends, and highly efficient in email reply to ensure offer our security display solutions to every customer.

We can do OEM, ODM, Urgent orders, Small orders, Sample orders are welcome. Payment is diversiform, easy to operate, and safe. T/T, Western Union, and Paypal will be accepted.

YOMO is an enterprise with innovative ideas, strong research and development strength, can customize products for customers, a Reliable quality assurance system, perfect after-sale service, an agile management system, and can provide first-class service.

Why choose an anti-theft pull box made in YOMO?
YOMO SECURITY DISPLAY focused on anti-theft pull box 10 years, is the most complete variety of Chinese anti-theft pull box suppliers. About 5000 customers from 70 countries are using YOMO's anti-theft pull box

3 times quality inspections before ex-factory is the guarantee of product quality.

Fast response within 24 hours is the guarantee of customer service.

Choose to buy an anti-theft pull box in YOMO SECURITY, is to choose a purchase process with save time / save money and no worries. Since 2009, YOMO SECURITY DISPLAY always have been focusing on Fine material selection, Attentively production, Efficient service

Factory tour:
Our factory area for anti-theft display products production is more than 2500 m², it has 4 series production lines, 58 Pipeline operators, 16 Quality controllers, and 4 Managers. Their vision is to produce high-qualified products efficiently.

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Country of Origin: China
Payment Terms: T/T

Product Specification

Model Number : YOMO-094
Color : white, black and so on
Size : 50*33mm Thickness:16mm
Supply Ability : 50000 PCS/Week (Production capacity can raise for urgent order)
Materials : Box is made of ABS plastic, with retractable spring built inside and stainless steel cable winding onto the reel inside.
Gross Weight : 25 g/pc
Available Retracting forces : 1/3LB(1/4LB and customized force are available, the standard will be1/3LB)
Box Colors : Black or White
Cable Colors : Black/Transparent nylon cover cable
Cable length : 90 cm (25cm~100cm for option)
Cable Diameter : 0.9 mm(0.45mm or 0.6mm also for option)
Cable Exit Locations : side of the box

Product Usages

The Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler is designed to secure your valuable merchandise in various settings. It is ideal for use in exhibitions, supermarkets, and shops where product theft is a concern. By connecting the anti-theft pull box to your products using the retractable steel cable, you can allow customers to handle and try out the products while preventing unauthorized removal. Its versatile design makes it suitable for securing a wide range of items, including mobile phones, cameras, mp3/mp4 players, PDAs, GPS devices, glasses, toys, and crafts. With its durable construction and customizable features, the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler is an essential accessory for any secure display setup.

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Supplier Info :


Guangdong, China

Year Established: 1997

Business Type:

  • Exporter
  • Manufacturer

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  • Secure your merchandise with the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler
  • Secure your merchandise with the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler
  • Secure your merchandise with the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler
  • Secure your merchandise with the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler

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Secure your merchandise with the Drip-shaped Anti-theft Recoiler
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