Gorgeous Care Sanitary Pads

Gorgeous Care Sanitary Pads

USD 1 / Piece
Place Of Origin India
MOQ 1000 Piece
Price USD 1 / Piece
HS Code 9616
Category Health & Medical Personal Care

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Supplier Info :

Jyo Cosme Industries

India Delhi, India

Year Established: 2018

Business Type:

  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter

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Gorgeous Care Sanitary Pads

Regular Cotton Sanitary Pads with wings(Super Soft)

Regular/ Straight...240mm(35ml Absorbency)

Regular/ Straight...280mm(50ml Absorbency)

Regular/ Straight...330mm(80ml Absorbency).

Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads with Wings, Anion Strip & SAP/ Gel-based(Biodegradable)

Ultra-Thin/ Tri-fold...240mm(100ml Absorbency)

Ultra-Thin/ Tri-fold...280mm(120ml Absorbency)

Ultra-Thin/ Tri-fold...330mm(150ml Absorbency)

Nursing/ Maternity Pads...400mm(250ml Absorbency).

Baby Diapers Sizes

Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL.

Adult Diapers

Medium, Large, Extra Large.

Other Size Sanitary Pads as loose Pattern available@ Distributors Rate.

Panty-liner,  155mm,  180mm,  Sports,  Tampoons.

We help if required own brand development(OEM).

We have Sanitary Pads below Rs 1 for NGOs or Donations.

Country of Origin: India
Payment Terms: Advance, TT, Googal Pay, Paytm
Sample Policy: Yes
Packaging Info: In House Packaging
Delivery Info: 10-15 day after payment confirmation

Product Specification

Model No : White
Size : A Grade

Product Usages

Personal Care

Supplier Info :

Jyo Cosme Industries

Delhi, India

Year Established: 2018

Business Type:

  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter

Product Images

  • Gorgeous Care Sanitary Pads

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Gorgeous Care Sanitary Pads
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