Laser Hair Growth Anti Hair Loss Therapy Laser Cap

Laser Hair Growth Anti Hair Loss Therapy Laser Cap

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Place Of Origin China
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Price USD 499 / Pieces
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Wuhan Cozing Medical Devices Co. Ltd

China Hubei, China

Year Established: 2000

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  • Manufacturer

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Laser Hair Growth Anti Hair Loss Therapy Laser Cap


1. Seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, physical alopecia, chemical alopecia.2. Female postpartum hair loss, female menopause alopecia, sub-health state of hair loss, head mites and head blood circulation poor.

3. Blocked hair follicles, hair roots of malnutrition,hair loss caused by overstrain nerves etc.

4. Hair regrowth.
5. Hair Rejuvenation.
6. Alopecia Areata.


1. It can be used any anywhere .

2. Humanized design, only wear it on the head, it will working.
3. Safety to usag, sensor controlled on/off .
4. Small size, easy to carry.
5. Compare with the laser hair comb. Release your hand, no need the hand held it,
6. Excellent treatment efficiency, the max. Output reach 480mW.
7. Clean method does not dirty nor wet hair during use
8. It is quick and easy to wear a few times per week
9. 650nm low level laser therapy, physical therapy, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical, drug free.
10.No side effect, no trauma.

Working Principle

A. Laser: Laser light therapy stimulates the red blood supply to the scalp. The additional supply of red blood cells bring oxygen and nutrients to the scalp,and promote the blood circulation, which may create a healthy environment for the hair to grow. Hair may appear thicker, fuller and healthier. The new improved design aligns the laser beam ensuring no hair cells are missed during treatment.
B. The COZING-C96 has managed to cut the costs of clinical strength Laser Phototherapy - cleared and affordable hair rejuvenation, and can be used home or public place.

C. Our COZING-C96 adopt the 96pcs laser diode , it`s optimized for the hair growth and can reach all problem areas. 650 nm laserpenetration is 1cm to 3cm, IT COULD stimulate the scalp capillaries and nerves, improve blood circulation and hair quality.


What`s the treatment efficiency ?

1. Treatment Time:20 Minutes, twice at each week.

2. Easy to use, only button to control the hair laser helmet on/off

3. 4-18 weeks of oil secretion improved,and hair loss will be back to normal level

4. 8-26 weeks,hair thicker,more comprehensive(full),more shiny(healthy)

5. 26-52 weeks.the hair comes into the full growth period,and hair volume increased significantly.

Before After


1, Accelerate the blood flow, improve microcirculation, increase The new supersedes the old. To promote and improve blood circulation. Effect on the skin, most of the energy is absorbed by skin absorbed energy is converted into heat energy, stimulate the skin caused by skin temperature increased, heat sensors, through the thalamus reflection, make the relaxation of vascular smooth muscle, vascular dilation, blood circulation to speed up. On the other hand, due to the thermal effect, caused by the release of vasoactive substances, reduced vascular tone, shallow arterioles, shallow and superficial vein capillary expansion, accelerate blood circulation, blood circulation can be improved. (through the blood disease research institute Chinese detection, 20 minutes can make the microcirculatory blood flow increased 114%).

2, Effectively killing bacteria in the hair, dru​g assisted can kill hidden in deep hair follicle mites and fungi. Thermal effect of mild light through the reaction of neurohumoral answer, eliminate the pathological process of inflammation, physiological balance state of the original destroyed have been restored, improved the local and systemic disease resistance, activate the immune cell function, strengthen the phagocytic function of white blood cells and reticuloendothelial cells, to achieve the purpose of reducing inflammation and bacteriostasis.

3, Improve the hair scalp cells and stem cell activity, accelerate cell fission. If the human body The new supersedes the old. occur disorder, caused by exchange of arrhythmia, foreign substances in the body so, various diseases will be about to, such as water and electrolyte metabolism disorder, will bring to life danger; sugar metabolism disorder induced by diabetes; hyperlipidemia, lipid metabolic disorder caused by obesity; protein metabolism disorder causing gout etc.. Through the sub photothermal effect, can increase the activity of neuronal cell body adjustment of liquid, strengthen metabolism, make the body inside and outside the exchange of substance in the stationary state.

4, Irradiation can make the hair follicles open, facilitate the absorption of the drug. Thermal effect of mild light makes the skin temperature increased, decreased sympathetic nerve ability, so that the release of vasoactive substances, dilation of blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, blood circulation improvement, enhanced tissue nutrition, active tissue metabolism, increase cell oxygen supply, improve blood oxygen state lesion areas, strengthen cell regeneration ability, control the development of inflammation and make it localized lesions, accelerate the repair.

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Country of Origin: China
Payment Terms: EXW
Sample Policy: Yes
Packaging Info: 1PC/BOX
Delivery Info: 7 working days once the sample fee is confirmed.

Product Specification

Model No : BLACK

Product Usages

HOME USE FOR hair regrowth

Supplier Info :

Wuhan Cozing Medical Devices Co. Ltd

Hubei, China

Year Established: 2000

Business Type:

  • Manufacturer

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Laser Hair Growth Anti Hair Loss Therapy Laser Cap
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