Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke - Outboard Motor Engine

Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke - Outboard Motor Engine

USD 6675 / Units
Country of Origin United States
MOQ 1 Units
Price USD 6675 / Units
Category Automotive & Automobile Vehicles

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Total Engine

Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia

Year Established: 2008

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  • Trading

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Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke - Outboard Motor Engine

The Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke is a powerful and reliable outboard motor designed to meet the demands of the automotive and automobile industry. Total Engine, a renowned trading company, proudly presents this high-performance engine. Manufactured in the United States, this product offers exceptional quality and performance.

With its 40 horsepower engine, the Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke delivers impressive power for a variety of applications. It features an inline 3-cylinder design with 2 valves per cylinder and a single overhead cam (SOHC) configuration, ensuring efficient combustion and smooth operation. The displacement of 45.6 cubic inches (747 cc) provides ample power for any task.

Operating at full throttle RPM between 5500 and 6000, this outboard motor offers optimal performance and speed. The gearcase ratio of 2.00:1 enhances the motor's torque and acceleration, making it suitable for various water conditions. Additionally, the 18 amp / 226 watt alternator ensures a reliable power supply for onboard electronics.

Designed for versatility, the Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke offers convenient features for ease of use. It has a shallow water trim range of 20 degrees, allowing users to navigate shallow waters with confidence. The option for a remote fuel tank provides flexibility and extended range, ensuring uninterrupted usage.

Weighing only 204 pounds, this outboard motor is the lightest model in its category, making it easy to transport and install. The advanced tiller and remote steering options provide flexibility in control, catering to different user preferences. The electronic fuel injection (EFI) system ensures efficient fuel delivery and optimized performance.

The Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke is a reliable and durable choice, equipped with engine protection systems such as low oil pressure, over-rev, and overheat warnings. These safety features provide peace of mind during operation, safeguarding the longevity and performance of the motor.

This outboard motor is compatible with SmartCraft digital technology (DTS), allowing users to monitor and control various engine parameters for enhanced performance and diagnostics. The turn-key electric starting system provides hassle-free ignition, and the mechanical throttle and shift controls offer precise control over speed and gear selection.

The Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke employs a wet sump lubrication system and a water-cooled cooling system with a thermostat, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity. The gear shift functionality allows users to switch between forward, neutral, and reverse effortlessly. The standard gearcase and power trim system further enhance maneuverability and control.

With a recommended fuel grade of 87 octane and the ability to handle up to 10% ethanol, this outboard motor offers flexibility and compatibility with various fuel options. It utilizes Mercury FourStroke 25W40 Marine Oil for optimal lubrication and engine protection.

Quick Details:

Min Order : 1 unit.

2022 Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke
Go with 5 Years Factory Backed Limited Coverage!
Purchase this Mercury outboard model and get a total of 5 years of Mercury factory-backed limited coverage! In addition to the standard 3-year warranty, you will also receive a 2-year Mercury Product Protection Gold plan!

Horsepower: 40
Engine type: Inline 3, 2 valves per cylinder, single overhead cam (SOHC)
Displacement (CID/CC): 45.6/747
Bore and stroke: 2.56 x 2.95″ / 65 x 75 mm
Full throttle RPM: 5500-6000
Shaft length: 20 “
Gearcase ratio: 2.00:1
Alternator amp / Watt: 18 amp / 226 watt
Shallow water trim range: 20 °
Remote fuel tank (optional): Yes
Dry weight: (lightest model in its category) 204 lbs
Air induction: Performance-Tuned Scroll Intake Manifold
Engine protection operator warning system: Low oil pressure, Over-rev, Overheat

Compatible with SmartCraft digital technology (DTS ): Yes
Starting: Electric (turn-key)
Controls: Mechanical throttle & shift (sold separately)
Steering: New Advanced Tiller / Remote
Fuel induction system: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
CARB star rating: 3
Ignition: ECM 70
Fuel system: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Lubrication system: Wet sump
Cooling system: Water-cooled with thermostat
Gear shift: F-N-R
Gearcase: Standard
Trim system: Power Trim
Exhaust system: Through prop
Recommended fuel: 87 octane / up to 10% ethanol
Recommended oil: Mercury FourStroke 25W40 Marine Oil
Please ask our sales staff for a propeller that fits the best to your needs!

Propeller: not included
Color: Phantom Black

Country of Origin: United States
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, CC, Paypal, Other Online payment
Delivery Info: 6 business days

Product Usages

The Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke outboard motor is designed for versatile applications in the automotive and automobile industry. It is ideal for powering a wide range of vehicles, providing reliable and efficient performance on the water.

Whether you're using it for recreational boating or commercial purposes, this motor ensures smooth operation and exceptional power. To use the product effectively, simply follow the installation instructions provided in the user manual and consult with our expert sales staff for any specific requirements or recommendations.

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Supplier Info :

Total Engine

Jakarta, Indonesia

Year Established: 2008

Business Type:

  • Trading

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Mercury 40ELHPT FourStroke - Outboard Motor Engine
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