MPS draw wire displacement sensor

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Shen Zhen Milont Technology

Guangdong Sheng, China

Established: 2013

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  • Manufacturer

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The range of MPS draw-wire displacement sensor is 100-30000 mm, including S-type (small, 100-2500 mm), M-type (medium, 500-7500 mm), L-type (large, 7000-15000 mm), XXS type (micro, 100-600 mm), XS type (micro, 100-1000 mm), XL type (super large, 15000-30000 mm). The output signals of the sensor are as follows: Resistance output (5K or 10K), voltage output (0-5V, 0-10V, three wire system or four wire system), current output (4-20mA, two wire system, three wire system or four wire system); 0-20mA, two-wire system, three wire system or four wire system), pulse output (AB phase or ABZ phase pulse square wave, differential signal output), RS485 digital signal output or absolute value coding output.

The sensor has the advantages of small size, good stability, easy installation and use, and is widely used in the automation industry.


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