Perkins2654403 P554403 generator set oil filter

USD 11 / Piece
MOQ 1 Piece
Price USD 11 / Piece
HS Code 2654403
Category Machinery & Industrial Supplies Mining Machinery / Equipment

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Hebei Friend Filter Equipment Co. Ltd.

Hebei, China

Established: 2019

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  • Manufacturer
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Product information

Perkins filter|The role of Perkins filter manufacturer is mainly to filter most of the impurities in diesel, keep the standby oil clean, and extend its normal service life.In addition, Perkins filter should also have the performance of strong filtering capacity, low flow resistance and long service life.There are certain standards for the selection of Perkins filters. Some car owners should purchase filters according to the standards. The selection standards for oil filters are as follows: 1) Filtering accuracy, filtering out all 30um particles; 2) Reduce the particles that enter the lubrication gap and cause wear (3um-30um); 3)

The diesel flow rate meets the diesel demand of the engine; 4) The replacement cycle of the Perkins filter is long, at least longer than the life of the diesel (km, time); At present, most car engines use spin-on Perkins filters. This kind of filter is a disposable filter that is not removable and washable. When changing the lubricating oil, the Perkins filter must be replaced at the same time, otherwise it will Affect the quality of lubricating oil.The replacement cycle of diesel and Perkins filters is generally 5000 kilometers.

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Product Specification

Model Number : 2654403
Size : 110mm
Weight : 1kg

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