Quantum resonance magetic analyzer

Quantum resonance magetic analyzer

USD 70 / Piece
Place Of Origin China
MOQ 100 Piece
Price USD 70 / Piece
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Category Health & Medical Healthcare Equipment

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Lipsa Impex

India Maharashtra, India

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Quantum resonance magetic analyzer

Quantum resonance magetic analyzer all type available.

Latest 8g Quantum Health Analyzer with infrared sensor(49 Reports)

The Quantum Health Analyzer is a high-tech innovation that combines the best of medicine, bio-informatics, electrical engineering and other sciences. Applying quantum medicine as the theoretical basis, this advanced electronic equipment collects the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis, thereby analyzing and determining a person's health status and main problems and putting forward standard prevention recommendations. It gives 47 health reports in just 2 minutes, targets health problem at the cellular level

The Quantum Health Analyzer replaces the need for ultrasonic, nuclear magnetic resonance or radiography for various health related conditions as it quickly helps the practitioner target the cause and makes beneficial recommendations helpful to their clients and patients.

Need of Quantum Health Analyzer

· It is non-invasive and painless as no radiation and no blood drawn is required

· It produces upto 47 health reports produced in just 2 minutes

Unique features of Quantum Health Analyzer

· Professional

· Comprehensive

· Accurate

· Early Detection.

· Simple

· Convenient

· Economic

· Security

Application of this product

This instrument is an ideal promotion tool for beauty salon, SPA club, clinics, health examination center, health food/nutrition supplement/health care products shop, direct selling, massage center, etc.
Problems detects by Quantum Health Analyzer (41 Test Reports)

1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

2. Gastrointestinal function

3. Liver function

4. Gallbladder function

5. Pancreatic function

6. Kidney function

7. Lung function

8. Brain nerve

9. Bone disease

10. Bone mineral density

11. Rheumatoid bone disease

12. Blood sugar

13. Basic physical quality

14. Human toxin

15. Trace element

16. Heavy Metals

17. Amino Acid

18. Endocrine System

19. Immune System

20. Prostate

21. Male sexual function

22. Skin

23. Eye

24. Allergen

25. Vitamin

26. Obesity

27. Bone Growth Index

28. Coenzyme

29. Sperm and semen

30. Blood lipids

31. Menstrual cycle

32. Element of human

33. Gynecology

34. Breast

35. Channels and collaterals

36. Pulse of heart and brain

37. Blood lipids

38. Collagen

39. Test report with Expert Advice (Comprehensive Report)

40. Thyroid function

41. Large intestine function

Country of Origin: China
Payment Terms: Cash
Sample Policy: No

Supplier Info :

Lipsa Impex

Maharashtra, India

Business Type:

  • Exporter

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Quantum resonance magetic analyzer
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