Vaporizer, Steamer

Vaporizer, Steamer

USD 1.64 / Piece
Place Of Origin India
MOQ 5000 Piece
Price USD 1.64 / Piece
Category Health & Medical Healthcare Equipment

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Supplier Info :

Sumitra Silver Private Limited

India Delhi, India

Year Established: 1998

Business Type:

  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter

Vaporizer, Steamer

Get relief from :

1. Common Cold

2. Bronchitis

3. Stuff Head and nose conditions

4. Hay fever

5. Asthama

6. Laryngitis

7. Throat irritation


Special attachments for quick relief from common cold, cough and throat irritation.

Large facial attachment with smooth edges for facial sauna.

Smooth edges of nose and mouth attachments for general steam inhalation

Produces steam vapours within seconds

Useful for both health and beauty

Highly effective

Easy to use and clean

Ideal for home and travel

Plastic body to prevent shocks


Pour fresh tap water as per requirement or upto the level mark

attach the required attachment on top, plug in and switch it on

Switch off and remove plug after use


Input Voltage : AC 220V, 50 Hz


For indoor use only

Keep the unit straight during use

To be used under adult supervision only

Nevel leave the unit unattended with kids even when switched off, to prevent hot water burn injuries

Please use tap water only

Never use R.O water or ground water

Always hold the wire from plug. Never pull the wire to remove plug from wall outlet.

Keep the unit dry when not in use

Add water into the unit only when switched off to avoid risk of electric shocks.

Country of Origin: India
Packaging Info: carton size: 60 piece
Delivery Info: based on order quantity Production capacity: 25000pieces/ Week Usually Shipped within a week

Product Specification

Model No : VB-02
Material : PLASTIC, PP

Supplier Info :

Sumitra Silver Private Limited

Delhi, India

Year Established: 1998

Business Type:

  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter

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  • Vaporizer, Steamer
  • Vaporizer, Steamer
  • Vaporizer, Steamer

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Vaporizer, Steamer
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