Waste circuit board recycling machine

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Doing Holdings Co. Ltd

Henan, China

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Waste circuit board recycling machine is also called PCB board recycling machine. It can process various waste circuit boards, like computer boards, copper clad laminate and so on. What will you get is metals and resin & fiber.

The process of waste circuit board recycling machine as follows:
1, Shredding
Put the wasste circuit board in the shredder and cut it into small pieces.

2. Crushing
Crusher will crush the small pieces into small particles.

3. Sieving
Smaller particles can flow into the next step through the eddy-vibrating screen. The larger will flow back to the previous step and continue crushing.

4. Air separation
These smaller pieces will be sent to the air separator for air separation. The air separator separates them into metals and mixture of resin fibers and metals according to their different specific gravities.

5. Electrostatic separation
The last step is electrostatic separation. It separates them according to their different reactions in the magnetic field. Then, you can get metal and resin fibers.

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