2500SZ High-Speed Zig Zag with Direct Drive Technology

USD 1085 / Units
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Price USD 1085 / Units
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Pt. ProsewingMachine

Jakarta, Indonesia

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7200DB Drapery Blind Stitch with Direct Drive
The 7200DB drapery BlindStitch hemming machine is made for drapery workrooms that are sewing medium to heavy weight fabric, with or without blackout. The 7200DB with “thread nipping device” (to allow easier removal of the hemmed fabric) and direct drive technology allows for a smoother sewing operation and ensures the needle stops in the same position. Every time.
The all new 7200DB with direct drive technology is the sewing industry benchmark for excellence when productivity, durability, and stitch quality are your requirements. Skip stitch and adjustable stitch penetration allow you to fine tune from medium to heavier weight fabrics.

Key Features
The solid frame construction on the 7200DB (as compared to a frame drop type machine) ensures less vibration, and ultimately a better quality stitch than frame drop machines.

The 7200DB is equipped with a direct drive motor with built in synchronizer enabling faster and quieter operation. The best part, treadle back to put the looper in home position to quickly remove material and lock the stitch.

The adjustable stitch setting dial allows the user to modify the depth of the needle penetration, ensuring that the stitch does not show on the outside of the fabric.

The perfect add on light is included at no extra charge for the 7200DB making it both a great blindstitch machine and a great value.

Others skimp on the stand components, we don’t. We only use 100% plywood in our tabletops (not cheap particle board) and our legs are made from heavy-duty 3/32” steel.

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Delivery Info : 5-7 Busines Days

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