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B2BMAP Product Directory Showcase Hardware components which are essential parts of a computer system that play a crucial role in its functionality. 

List of most demanding Hardware components:

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): The CPU is the "brain" of the computer and is responsible for executing instructions and processing data.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): RAM is temporary memory that is used to store data and programs that are currently in use by the computer.
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD): These are storage devices that are used to store permanent data on the computer.
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): The GPU is responsible for rendering images and graphics on the computer, and is especially important for gaming and other graphic-intensive applications.
  • Motherboard: The motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer, and contains the CPU, RAM, and other hardware components.
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU): The PSU is responsible for providing power to the computer and its components.
  • Cooling system: The cooling system is used to keep the computer and its components from overheating. It may include fans, heatsinks, and liquid cooling systems.
  • Input devices: These include devices such as a keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen, which are used to input data into the computer.
  • Output devices: These include devices such as a monitor, printer, and speakers, which are used to output data and information from the computer.

Buyers and importers can source all types of hardware components directly from manufacturers, suppliers and exporters to make up a computer system.

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