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Heating & Air Conditioning - Product List


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List of Heating & Air Conditioning at Wholesale B2B Prices

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By using B2BMAP, buyers and sellers can easily do business with quality Heating & Air Conditioning suppliers from around the world. Our platform is user-friendly, making it easy to find the perfect match for your business needs and source high-quality Heating & Air Conditioning at wholesale b2b prices. With the comprehensive list of products and the ability to connect directly with suppliers, B2BMAP is a great choice for b2b businesses looking for buy or sell all kind of products including Heating & Air Conditioning.

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B2BMAP Product Directory Showcase Heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that providing climate control to ensure the comfort and well-being of occupants. 

List of most demanding HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning systems and components:

  • Heating systems: Heating systems provide warmth to a building by generating heat and distributing it through the building. Common types of heating systems include furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. Furnaces and boilers generate heat by burning fuel, while heat pumps transfer heat from the air or ground into the building.
  • Cooling systems: Cooling systems provide air conditioning to a building by removing heat and humidity from the air. Common types of cooling systems include central air conditioning systems, ductless mini-split systems, and window units. Central air conditioning systems use a compressor to cool and distribute air through a network of ducts, while ductless mini-split systems use individual units mounted on walls or ceilings to cool specific areas.
  • Air handling units: Air handling units (AHUs) are used to circulate and filter air throughout a building. They typically include a blower, filters, heating and cooling coils, and ductwork. AHUs can be used with both heating and cooling systems and are essential for maintaining good indoor air quality.
  • Thermostats: Thermostats are used to control the temperature of a building. They can be manual or programmable, allowing occupants to set the temperature to their desired level and schedule.
  • Ductwork: Ductwork is used to distribute heated or cooled air throughout a building. It includes a network of metal or plastic pipes that connect the HVAC system to individual rooms and spaces.
  • Ventilation systems: Ventilation systems are used to bring fresh air into a building and remove stale air. They can include exhaust fans, air intakes, and ductwork. Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining good indoor air quality and ensuring the health and safety of building occupants.

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