100% Pure Natural bacopa monnieri extract powder

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Shaanxi Porvoo Biotech Ltd

Shaanxi, China

Established: 2019

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Bacopa Monnieri Extract is a glabrous somewhat succulent, creeping herb, rooting at the nodes, with numerous prostrate branches, each 10-30 cm long; Leaves oblong to
spathulate, sessile, decussate, rather fleshy, entire, punctuate, obtuse; Flowers axillary, solitary, peduncles often much longer and deflexed in fruiting stage;
Corolla about one cm long, pale, lobes 5, oblong, obtuse, subequal, tips purple; ovoid-acuminate or slightly beaked at the apex; Seeds oblong, truncate,
longitudinally ribbed with transverse striations in between the ribs.

1. Improve memory and learning problems;
2. Treating ADHD disease;
3. Improves one's concentration and makes the brain sharp;
4. Antioxidant,anti-inflammation , detoxification;
5.maintain the structural and functional integrity of the membranes surrounding the mitochondria.

1.Bacopaside stimulates the function of macrophage and neutrophilla to produce leucocytosis.
2.Bacopa Monnieri powder inhibits lipid peroxidation.
3.Bacopa Monnieri powder decreases the capillary permeability and reduces number of disrupted mast cells.
4.Bacopa Monnieri powder exhibited insulin like action and significantly reduces the blood sugar level.
5.Bacopa Monnieri powder possesses antineoplastic activity and show cytotoxic effect on tumor cells by reducing GSH (glutathione) concentration.

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Packaging Info : 25kg/barrel

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Color : Brown

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