Natural holy basil extract, Holy Basil Extract Anti-bacterial

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Shaanxi Porvoo Biotech Ltd

Shaanxi, China

Established: 2019

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Basil leaves ointment may help get rid of parasites, wasp or bee venom. It can cure acne, the treatment of abrasions, cuts and for use lotion to make hair shiny glow. Nine-storey tower, known in the name of basil, is a strongly aromatic and pungent flavor of the herbs. It has a wide range of anti-bacterial, anti-suppressed and the nature of antibiotics. The scent of basil into the meditation can help. Its being used for the treatment of many skin, and can significantly help to make skin smooth and soft. The leaves and seeds have been used to treat skin diseases; roots can be used for fever, bee bites, and the grave-sweepers. Other uses include the treatment of nausea, motion sickness, stomach and liver discomfort, diarrhea and vomiting. The above function is considered a result of the effectiveness of basil in the alkaloids.

Shaanxi Porvoo Biotech Ltd wholesale high quality Holy Basil Extract.

1.Cure acne, treatment, bruises, cuts;
2.Remove parasites, bees or New Orleans venom;
3.Root can be used for heating, a bee sting, and insect bites 4.It has a variety of antibacterial, resistance to pressure and antimicrobial resistance properties;
5.Other uses including treatment stomach, and motion sickness, stomach and GanBu discomfort, diarrh

(1) Applied in food field, as raw materials of tea is easy to reduce phlegm;
(2) Applied in pharmaceutical field, may be it will become a new anti-cancer drug with low toxic;
(3) Applied in cosmetic field, it can invigorate blood circulation and remove beverage.

Payment Terms : T/T
Sample Policy : Yes ( On Condition )
Packaging Info : Per barrel/25kg
Delivery Info : According to customer needs

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